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The Tombstone Saga is a series of six historic bio-dramas that started with the first play written in 1996, Wyatt Earp A Life on The Frontier. It was originally written for the actor Hugh O' Brian who starred in the television series "Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp." Mr. O' Brian had other commitments and the staring role was turned over to Wyatt Earp. Since then Terry Tafoya Earp has written five more plays, with the last one being Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt Earp written in 2006 just before her accident and it's first performance was May 2008 at Schieffelin Hall in Tombstone, Arizona. A very fitting location for the first performance of this play.

Terry’s latest play; “Lark, A Cowboy Woman's Ride” was finished in 2012. The play, based on her 2004 documentary film titled "We Killed Our Own Snakes".
Lark, a cowboy woman relives her adventures in Arizona ranching over the years of her life. She flies airplanes, run’s cattle, bear hunting expeditions in Alaska and fights to prevent cultural extinction. Terry’s character Lark is a compilation of different ranch women who lived and worked in southern Arizona and what they did to survive and help provide a living for their families…

Wyatt, has been portraying his famous relative in his one-man play called "Wyatt Earp: A Life on The Frontier" since 1996 which won an AriZoni award and has over 670 performances to date. It was written by his wife Terry Tafoya Earp who is an award-winning Arizona playwright. The play has been performed through out the United States, Canada, and Europe along with many performances aboard cruise ships. In November 2000 Wyatt performed for the American Studies Program at the University in Budapest, Hungary which was attended by the Cultural Attache'.

In 1998 Wyatt began performing a second one-man play "The Gentleman Doc Holliday" which is based on the book "Doc Holliday - A Family Portrait"  written by Karen Holliday Tanner, who is the closest living relative of Doc Holliday, Therefore, what you will hear in this play is truly the real story...

Check out Wyatt Earp with the Arizona Gunfighters
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About Terry Earp
Terry Tafoya Earp is a Playwright/Producer/Actress who began her writing career in 1988 and has since written over 35 plays, many of which have received both local, and national recognition. In 1996 she wrote her first historical-based play "Wyatt Earp: A Life on the Frontier" which won AriZoni award and has over 670 performances through out the United States, Canada and Europe. The plays that Terry has written, and both Wyatt and Terry star in are, historical-based plays and are a part of the Tombstone Saga...
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