Terry Earp - Mrs. Wyatt Earp Video Clip

This is the true story of love, adventure, secrets and betrayals as told by Wyatt's third wife Josephine Sarah Marcus Earp, The show take place in Josie's memory nine years after Wyatt's death in 1938 when she makes her last visit to there "dream home". Mrs. Earp talks to a feral cat at the Earp's Vidal, California cottage in 1938 on Rosh Hashanah. This beautiful middle-class Jewish girl from San Francisco was first the mistress and common-law wife of the sheriff of Tombstone before beginning her 47 year relationship with his political rival, Wyatt Earp. The 75 year old Sadie or Josie she insisted on being called is a charming, controlling woman with a compulsion for gambling.
About Terry Earp
Terry Tafoya Earp is a Playwright/Producer/Actress who began her writing career in 1988 and has since written over 35 plays, many of which have received both local, and national recognition. In 1996 she wrote her first historical-based play "Wyatt Earp: A Life on the Frontier" which won AriZoni award and has over 670 performances through out the United States, Canada and Europe. The plays that Terry has written, and both Wyatt and Terry star in are, historical-based plays and are a part of the Tombstone Saga..
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