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We have two different audio CD's show that are a part of the Tombstone Saga Productions. They are Wyatt Earp: "A Life on The Frontier" and Of Legends and Lovers: Doc and Kate. Legends and Lovers contains; The Gentleman Doc Holliday and Kate The Woman of Many Names. We also have both of Terry Earp's documentary films,"We Killed Our Own Snakes" and "Moving On Before and After Quadriplegia".

Wyatt Earp A Life on The Frontier

Set in the mid 1920's an elderly Wyatt Earp tells of his adventures during the final days of the American frontier from Arizona to Alaska. The year is 1928; the place is in the couples Los Angeles, California apartment. Wyatt reluctantly speaks to (a fictional reporter) Mr. Noble, as an elderly Wyatt tells of his time in Tombstone, Arizona, his life afterwards and follows the sometimes-turbulent times of the couple's 47-year life together as they traveled and prospected throughout the west and Alaska.

Wyatt Earp - Is The Gentleman Doc Holliday

Of Legends and Lovers Doc and Kate

Disk 1. The Gentleman Doc Holliday

This is the of the story of the West's most famous dentist and his journey from one who heals to one who kills. The setting is in a Denver Colorado jail cell, where Bat Masterson and Governor Frederick W. Pitkin have put Doc in protective custody for a few hours. This is after Doc and the Earp's have left Arizona for Colorado. Unfortunately, for Doc a few hours have turned into a few days. To say the least Doc is not very happy about this. Out of boredom and frustration, Doc begins bantering with the other prisoners. He is angry with the jailor, who is ignoring his needs. You the audience are the other prisoners. Throughout the play you will hear the story of the man who went from, as Doc likes to put it 'from one who heals to one who keals' (Kills).

Terry Earp - Kate The Woman of Many Names

Disk 2. Kate The Woman of Many Names

Doc Holliday's Woman; Kate, The Woman of Many Names is set in a cemetery in Dos Cabezas, Arizona in 1930. In Doc Holliday's woman, Mary Katherine Haroney Cummings (Big Nose Kate) reveals her identity to the ghost of John J. Howard, the man with whom she has shared the last years of her life with as Mary Cummings. In this 45-minute performance, Kate completes the story of the turbulent lives of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday, disclosing things they would or could never say about themselves. Kate also speaks about the circumstances that plunged her life from that of a Hungarian upper-class woman to that of a life of Prostitution and how she survived. Kate passed away on November 2, 1940 a week before her 90th birthday she is buried at the Pioneers Cemetery in Prescott Arizona. Her head stone simply reads Mary K. Cunnings

We Killed Our Own Snakes

Terry Tafoya Earp - We Killed Our Own Snakes

We Killed Our Own Snakes, is a documentary film about eight ranch women in Arizona They talk about their adventures in Arizona ranching over the years and their stories about raising families, herding cattle, training horses and mules as they cowboyed from Mexico to Alaska and all points in between. Finally, they give their views on ranch life and how it has changed over the years, and what they are doing to preserve their part of Western history here in Arizona
The Eight women in this film were known at the "Arizona Bells", and were; Beth Smith Aycock. Billie Donaldson, Barbara Nickels, Nancy Mc Cuistion, Marka Moss, Posy Piper, Judy Shannon and Jane Woods. They are all gone now, we hope this film will help preserve some of their history here in Arizona. Terry Tafoya Earp's Play Lark was based on this Documentary film.

From the Writer and Producer: Terry Tafoya Earp

Someone once said that "Life is not a Journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up and totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming, "What a Ride!"

Terry Earp - Moving On  Before and After Quadriplegia

Moving On Before and After Quadriplegia

This is the story of six quadriplegics and how they've re-invented themselves to lead happy and productive lives. The project "Before and after Quadriplegia" will help those who are new to a life on wheels, their families, caregivers and doctors. Through this documentary you will see six "Quads" in the Phoenix metro area of different sexes, ages, backgrounds and length of time in the chair. Most of all, when you see how these six people have successfully reinvented themselves it will change feelings of hopelessness into hope...

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