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Wyatt Earp is The Gentleman Doc Holliday

The Gentleman Doc Holliday was written by Terry Tafoya Earp. She collaborated with Karen-Holliday Tanner who was the closest living relative of Doc Holliday and author of the book; Doc Holliday - "A Family Portrait" which the play is primarily, based on. Therefore, what you will hear in this play is truly the real story.

This is the story of the West's most famous dentist and his journey from one who heals to one who kills. The setting is in a Denver Colorado jail cell, where Bat Masterson and Governor Frederick W. Pitkin have Doc in protective custody for a few hours. This is after Doc and the Earp's have left Arizona for Colorado. Unfortunately for Doc, a few hours have turned into a few days. To say the least Doc is not very happy about this. Out of boredom and frustration, Doc begins bantering with the other prisoners. He is angry with the jailor, who is ignoring his needs. You, the audience, are the other prisoners. Through out the play you will hear the story of the man who went from, as Doc likes to put it 'from one who heals to one who keals' (Kills).

Notes From The Playwright!
Often the truth and the facts of ones existence are not necessarily the same thing. The challenge of writing accurate historical drama is telling the truth about the characters while staying faithful to the facts. I wanted to show Doc as a real person who is so much more than legends tend to portray. To this end, whenever possible, I have used Doc's own language in order to give audiences a clearer sense of who he really was.

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